Find My Engine

The search to find my original 1969 Z/28 engine.

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Just waiting….

November 6th, 2007 · No Comments

Still waiting on a few things to come in on the VIN#…

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We are on our way….

October 31st, 2007 · No Comments

With the help of my best friend, Mike, another car guy, we may have a new lead on the car. Hope this turns out, stay tune….

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The trail begins…..

October 29th, 2007 · 1 Comment

With a little help of a few previous owners, I now have a possible trail to find my original engine. It seems roughly around 1984 the original engine and the car were separated. The car went to Brian, the previous owner before me and the owner for almost 23 years. The engine went into another 1969 Z/28 that came in from Hawaii with a blown engineFirst step: going back to 1984 where the engine was separated from the car.

With Brian supplying the name of the individual that he purschased the car from, I was able to locate that previous owner using A few results for Dana showed up in Iowa, but the first phone call was to the right individual. Dana owned the car roughly from 1979-1984. We had a great conversation about the history of the car and some of his pass street racing history. Dana was intrigued with my search and was willing to lead a hand with my quest to find the original motor.

Dana made a few calls to pass friends and car buffs that were around back in 1984 and was able to find out some great info on that Z/28 that my engine is in as of today.

What we currently know is: The car is Blue w/white stripes and it’s VIN 124379LXX6958. So it was a Los Angeles, CA assembled car with heater delete, sent over to Hawaii, then brought back to the IOWA roughly around 1984, my engine was sold to the owner and installed in the car. The car has sold 2-3 times since 1984 and has possibly ending up in Michigan.

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